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Message from President Nyre Regarding Ukraine; University Aids in Refugee Relief  

Support for UkraineDear Members of the Seton Hall Community,

We have watched the crisis in Ukraine develop amid international disbelief and outrage. Though the conflict continues to worsen, causing many to despair, our Setonian character inspires us to take action. There is much we have done — and will continue to do — to provide a beacon of hope for Ukraine and the world in these fraught days.

We lead through service.

Last evening Kelli and I met with Governor Murphy and his wife, Tammy. We spoke at length about Ukraine and a relief effort Mrs. Murphy is leading along with the Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey (UACCNJ) to collect food, clothing and other non-perishable items for distribution to Ukrainian refugees. I offered the University's assistance, coordinated by our Division of Volunteer Efforts (DOVE).

Setonians, I now invite each of you to support this vital effort. Please review the list of donations — particularly those marked as high priority — and bring what you can to the DOVE office in 108 Boland Hall before 5 p.m. on Friday, March 4.

Unprovoked attacks against the Ukrainian people have prompted the largest movement of refugees across Europe since the aftermath of World War II. In less than a week, more than 800,000 Ukrainians have fled their country. Nations throughout Europe and elsewhere have opened their doors without reservation. Refugees and their host countries require — and deserve — our immediate assistance.

We grow in wisdom.

Our community of Great Minds seeks to encounter the most-pressing conversations, challenges and debates of our time. In recent weeks, we have engaged deeply with the causes and contexts of the Russia-Ukraine conflict at campus lectures, forums and in the media. Ever restless to grow in knowledge, we will advance our learning in the coming days, including these two upcoming programs:

We rely on faith.

As a Catholic university, Seton Hall fosters a community that gives life to the teachings of Christ through prayer and action. Last Friday, Father Colin Kay echoed the invitation of Pope Francis and Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, C.Ss.R. to pray for an end to suffering in Ukraine. And last night, our community gathered in solidarity with all Ukrainians and prayed for peace at a candlelight vigil on campus.

In the coming days, we will continue to explore additional steps our community may take to ensure the welfare of those who have been affected by the escalating conflict. Thank you for powerfully giving life to the qualities of service, wisdom and faith that have guided Seton Hall throughout its history. 


Joseph E. Nyre, Ph.D.

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